MJaies is the the first and only handmade lingerie/swimwear line made to liberate and stimulate the modern female, with high quality materials, and the true essence of women in mind. Originally designed by MyJustice Riddick, she wanted to  to enhance curves and fine body lines, with class and luxury; Her vision for MJaies is to liberate every woman "on the beach and in the sheets". It's diversity in concept and duality allows the wearer to express their inner opulence on their own terms. Conceived due to lack of fit, variety and understanding in its market, MJaies combines all a female desires in a simplistic and royal fashion. Our target market will be able to indulge our recent designs in the comfort of their own homes and/or on a nice hot beach. MJaies represents the token of celebration, evolution and liberation.

swimliere [swim-lyr-ayy]  noun- underwear, sleep wear; clothing that is worn for swimming, at a beach; item of intimate and expressive apparel worn by women.

                   ON THE BEACH & IN THE SHEETS