5 Easy Steps to Starting  a Business

5 Easy Steps to Starting a Business

I truly believe that anyone can start a business. Now, to keep it open,  have the passion to endure the ride or to create an innovate concept is totally different. BUT if you want to start one, you probably already have all those features in your blood, you just need to explore them more. I'm here to help you take the first 5 easy steps to live in your passion and make your dreams come true to not work for anyone but yourself. These steps are easy because all they take is for you to actually do them. I will get straight to the point to uphold the easy part of this post and your journey!

Step 1- Pick a Name

Picking a name is easier than you think. There are only two rules and one site you need to research.

  • Rule number 1- no more than 9 letters in each word. Some companies have more than 2 names in their brand but each one has no more than 9 letters.  ( Victoria Secrets, General Motors, Instant Messenger).
  • Rule number 2 - no more than 3 syllables. You want your name to be easy to remember and say.

Next,  it doesn't matter what the name is. Does Hulu, Amazon, Pepsi make sense. NO! They just told you it did, and that goes the same for your name. Pick what you want and worry about the convincing later.

Last, go to USPTO and research your name. Put the name you came up with in the search system and see if it is taken. If it is, start over and find a new one till you find a name not taken. Here is a little tip, you can use a similar name as some other company if it is in a different industry. I wouldn't though, it causes too much confusion, but you could.

Easy step 1 right!?

Step 2- Create a Logo

This is easy because little do you know, you already have an idea of what you want in your head. But here are some tips to keep you universal and cheap.

  • Tip 1- keep it simple, this helps you crossover to all cultures
  • Tip 2- no more than 3 colors, it will cost a lot to put on clothing and look weird when you try to put on others fryers, websites or step and repeats.
  • Tip 3- pick what makes you happy, not what others tell you. You have to have good energy behind your logo so that will transcend to your market.
  • Tip 4- have a short version (Mc Donalds' is the M) they could of just used words but it is easier to recognize a big yellow M.
  • Tip 5- if you are not art savvy get a logo or graphic designer. I just used Photofy because I am creative and tech savvy.

Easy step 2 right!?

Step 3- Get an EIN Number

I love this part! This is when you make it official to the government. I have about 4 different ones because I have started 4 different business all under my name. So if your first business doesn't work, keep trying. I had to try 4 times and I finally got it and I'm more than satisfied with my fourth attempt. I have learned so much with the last three, I know this one is destined!

So go to IRS and apply and you will get a response within 24 hrs and BOOM! You are on your way!!

Keep this in a safe place, you will need it for step 4 and your future endeavors!

Easy step 3 RRIIIGGHHTT!? Im getting excited for you, you are almost there!

Step 4- LLC & Business License & Trademark

This step is easy but takes a little research. You don't need a lawyer. Youtube actually will be your best friend through this process! Use it! Use it! Use it! Be specific with your location when researching; OR get a lawyer if you have the means to pay for it done for you.

I did it this all myself because it was so simple. I just went on my states government site and followed the instructions. I also provided links in the title for you!

If you do all this for yourself, it will cost you $500 US dollars ( for all). A lawyer could cost you thousands. Or you could use one of these online sites that will do it for you as well. I would just make sure I read very thoroughly while going through this step. That's the only hard part. But if you are reading this, none of this step is hard... you like to read and research.

Easy step 4 right!? 

Step 5- Get a Website 

This is so easy because you can use Wix, Shopify or even Wordpress for this. They all make building a site easy. Just buy your domain name $20 a month and get to building. Again you could hire someone to do this, but I like to keep costs low and do a lot myself. I just use youtube if I have any questions about esthetics or technical difficulties. Just draw your site on paper first and then get to work!

Easy step 5 right!!!!!!

Now you are a business owner! Congrats💃🏽!  It is up to you from this point to maintain the business, continue to educate yourself and remain passionate and diligent! Focus on branding, creating a culture, your marketing outlets and your purpose! You got the easy part over with, not get ready for the hard yet exhilarating and pocket filling part!


Good Luck MJaie


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